February 6, 2015 by Patricia Rice

LTB Career Training & Adult Education


First let me introduce myself, my name is Patricia D. Rice and I am the head of career training and adult education here at LTB, I have been with the institute for many years and have contributed to its syllabus with some of my own courses as well as helping other lecturers improve theirs.

My background is that I used to be a university teacher many years ago, but was always longing for a new challenge. And when one of my colleagues left to join this institute I instantly knew that it would be the right direction for me too.

Enabling adult students to achieve their goals of becoming a master of the arts, or a IT specialist is one of the most rewarding professions you can imagine.

The possibilities are endless. Have you always wanted to work in a bank, but your lacking qualifications have been holding you back? Well now that’s no problem anymore. You can actually just join our night school or home schooling program and start learning for your exams. With our online support we can help you no matter where you are, no matter if its giving you answers to questions or helping you find a mock exam. If you need help with financing, we can help you with that, we have a great partnership with one of the leading financing firms.

model-graphicYou have no more excuses. Time isn’t an issue, finances aren’t an issue. What is holding you back?

We get a lot of people that say that they are afraid, they are afraid to go back to school and to learning. The advantages of joining a school that you can go to at any time of day and from anywhere you want, is that you can work when and where you are most comfortable. The teachers and coaches in my team will help you with your exercises and questions, but also with motivation and hope.

Determination is key, in all of the years that I have been doing this only one person has left their program. Yeah many have agreed that it’s tough. Many have wanted to give up. But then they remind themselves of their dreams. Their ambitions.

One of our students was a mother of 3, she was working in a bagel shop, and while she enjoyed her workplace, she never achieved her dream of becoming a primary school teacher. She left school because of pregnancy, and then never found “the right time” to go back. She then found us, and after a long time of decision making and arranging finances, she took the leap.

And through a lot of hard work, working during the day in the bagel shop, and working at night on her qualifications, and after 2 long, hard, years… she is now a fully qualified primary school teacher.

Let me ask you this, what is your excuse? I am positive that here at LBT we can help you overcome whatever struggle there is in your life as long as you want it hard enough, as long as you are committed to achieving your dreams. Let us help you, help yourself.

It has been an absolute pleasure sharing with you guys today, and I really hope that you can take something from this blog post and get a little closer towards your goals and ambitions, because that’s all that matters. And once you are there we can meet up for a cup of tea and celebrate your successes. I cannot wait for the next time we meet, my name is Patricia D. Rice and it has been an honor.

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